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Also referred to as Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM), counter surveillance is a comprehensive physical and electronic “bug” sweep of locations clients fear may be compromised. Bluevision’s eavesdropping detection survey uses the most advanced technology and equipment available to make sure domestic and business facilities are absolutely secure. Verbal reports are delivered at the conclusion of the survey, followed by written reports including detailed results and recommendations to correct security risks and threats. Survey activities include:

Radio Frequency Spectrum Analysis
The areas under investigation are analyzed for radio transmissions and video signals emanating from active eavesdropping devices, ensuring that they are located and disarmed.

Physical Inspection
A visual inspection, followed by an electronic inspection using a non-linear junction detector and thermal imaging equipment, are performed to detect microphones, recorders, cameras and transmitters that may be inactive or dormant. Closed circuit TV cameras are set up in cases that require further post-inspection monitoring.

Telephone Instrument and System Testing
Telephone instruments and wiring are disassembled and inspected to detect a variety of eavesdropping attacks, tadalafil from india, including wiretaps. Full system evaluations of modern electronic telephone systems (PBX, IP telephony) are also completed.

Evaluate Non-Electronic Information Gathering Risks
We assess the practices and equipment associated with document security and destruction, and evaluate the facilities to identify vulnerabilities to visual surveillance.





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